HEC’s Grant Program supports three additional Main Street projects

Jan 31, 2021 | Preservation Projects

With funds raised during HEC’s 2019 Decorator Show House, HEC created the 2020 Historic Ellicott City Revitalization Grant Program. In addition to the grant for the Historic District Camera Alert Network completed earlier in 2020, HEC has approved three additional projects for funding that improve the appearance of properties on Main Street, Ellicott City. Two of these projects have been completed and the third one has been approved and is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

HEC approved a grant to support important improvements to the façade, shown above, of the vintage 1890’s building located at 8050 Main Street, across from the Phoenix Emporium. This project has been completed and involved the cleaning of the old paint surface and applying new paint on the front door and windows, and the cleaning and painting of the bricks in the rear of the building. HEC’s grant provided improvements to preserve and beautify this building and bring it back for retail and residential use. Owner Kelly McMillan explained: “The chipping paint was an eyesore to the historic property. Painting the windows and door brought new life to the building…which you can see it clearly needed!!!”

The second grant awarded and completed supported the replacement of the aging and faded awning at the entrance to Main Street Oriental Rugs, located at 8290 Main Street. This building is known as the Star Building and was built in 1847. This new awning will be a welcoming view as visitors and customers approach the building and will provide shelter during rainstorms for visitors and customers. It will also protect the storefront from weather, preserving the look of the historic building.

In December 2020, HEC awarded a grant to Attic Antiques N’ Things for the replacement of five windows on the rear side of their business located at 8241 Main Street, Ellicott. The windows being replaced are estimated to be over 150 years old and are original to the structure. They have been leaking air and water for several years. The HEC grant provides full funding for replacing these windows with high quality wood windows that look nearly identical to the original windows. This project should be completed in 2021.

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