Oakdale Show House FAQ

What are the times the show house is open?
The Preview party is May 11th, 6 PM until 9:30 PM. Show opening day is Friday May 13th, 10 AM until 5 PM and after that the show house is open Thursdays 10 AM until 8 PM, Fridays and Saturdays 10 AM until 5 PM and Sundays 11 AM to 5 PM. The last day the show house is open is Sunday June 5th. The latest time for admission is 1 hour before the closing times.
How do I get to the show house?
The show house and all its events will be at 16449 Ed Warfield Road, Woodbine MD 21797. Please follow show house signs as you get near the house.
Will the show house ever be closed due to bad weather or other situations?
The show house will be open at the designated dates and times unless there’s an extreme weather condition, road closure or mechanical failure at the show house. Should this occur, we will post a notification on this website, so please check the website before coming to the show house especially during severe weather events.
What is the admission fee for the show house?
The general admission is $35 at the door, and $30 in advance. Advance tickets can be obtained at any of our advance ticket retail locations which are listed on this website. Cash, check and credit cards are accepted on this website, at the door, and at most of the retail locations.

When purchased on this website, a discount of $5 off one show house individual admission ticket is provided when purchasing an HEC yearly membership at any level. Also a discount of $5 for each ticket is available for groups of 10 or more when the tickets are purchased online through one transaction and the group attends at the same time.

Will you be sending me a physical ticket for my online advance purchase ticket?

No physical ticket will be sent or provided. Please show your PayPal transaction number on your phone or print it out and show this at the reception desk.

When I pay for a ticket in advance, either online or at a retail ticket outlet, is it for a specific date of the show house?

No, your ticket will be good for any one day when the show house is open. No specific timed or dated tickets will be issued.

Is parking available onsite?
This is a large property (180 acres) so there is ample parking on well-marked grass parking spaces. The parking area is within walking distance to the house’s entry but please be prepared to walk on the grass to get to the entrance. Signage will direct you from the entrance on Ed Warfield Road to the parking area.
Is there a café for purchasing food and drinks at the show house?
Yes, there is a daily café on site provided by Wheelhouse Farm Market. Sandwiches, drinks and desserts will be available for purchase.
Can the show house accommodate children, handicapped visitors and pets?
Children under 10 years old are not allowed to attend the show house. The facility cannot accommodate handicapped visitors who require the use of a wheelchair or those who cannot climb stairs, and pets are not allowed on the property or in the house itself.
Are lavatory facilities available for show house guests?
Yes, there are portable lavatories for our guests.
Are there any other restrictions to entering the show house?

There’s no wheelchair access due to stairs, no high heels (to protect the floors), no pets allowed, no children under 10 or infants in arms allowed and no sitting on or touching the furniture or accessories in the house.

Are items in the rooms of the show house available for purchase?

Most items are available for purchase and will be available for pickup starting on June 5th after the show house has closed.

Can you explain more about the estate sale?
The estate sale is part of our boutique and is open anytime the show house is open. It includes many items ranging from furniture to small decorative items from the show house owners’ home that are being offered for sale.